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The Exact Steps We Took In Our Business To 
Generate 8-FIGURE Revenue Three Years In A Row 
Without A Huge Online Following, Expensive Studio, Luxury Cars, Luxury Watches Or Even Wearing A Suit!

During this LIVE masterclass, you’ll discover the following secrets:

  • How we brought in more than 10,000 leads for a single event and over 1,000 leads every single week!
  • The ONE software our company used to generate 8 figures
  • ​Little-known secrets of selling high-ticket products that people are eager to buy!
  • ​The full roadmap to building a 20 MILLION business that supports thousands of global customers…


If you show up for the masterclass and stay till the end, you’ll receive the EXACT marketing templates we use for our business…so you can copy-and-paste it for yourself and implement it within 10 minutes!

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Are You Struggling With These Problems?

Are you trying to get more leads and followers, but you’re not able to:

  • Get more traffic, eyeballs and reach on your social media/website
  • Turn your social media/website following into paying customers
  • Or worse, you’re running advertisements or hiring designers and writers…losing money and cashflow for your business

Here’s How You Can Explode Your Social Media Presence And Become A Successful Creator!

Meet our internationally renowned speaker Sean Seah.

Sean has spoken on global stages alongside thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins like these…

And also created his own leads and followers via viral content on social media!

Below are some of his viral content that you have seen: 

Featured On Mothership

Featured On AsiaOne

Featured On MensHealth

Reached 16M views for a single video on Youtube

From nothing, he created his own following and leads that led to more collaborations with well-known speakers and celebrities. 

Here is one of his notable collaborations as shown below: 

He is the bestselling author of three books, one of which he co-authored with New York Times best-seller, Mary Buffett, the former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett and founder of the UK Buffettology Fund.

In this upcoming FREE masterclass, you’ll discover how you can build the same level of fame and authority from scratch as he will be showcasing step-by-step the following secrets:

  • How we brought in more than 10,000 leads for a single event and over 1,000 leads every single week!
  • ​The ONE software our company used to generate 8 figures
  • ​Little-known secrets of selling high-ticket products that people are eager to buy!
  • ​​The full roadmap to building a 20 MILLION business that supports thousands of global customers…

Here Are What Our Past Students Have To Say About Us:

 Case Studies : Our Creators  Are Now Speakers Of Million Dollars Programmes

This Is Chloe, when she first attended the creators masterclass, she was still working full-time as a Journalist with Singapore press holdings. 

After attending the creators masterclass, she saw results immediately and started her creators journey. In just a short span of 6 months, she has already established herself as a profitable creator with a combined of 200k followers on her social media. 

Chloe is now an international speaker that been featured in Singapore's official Chinese newspaper Lian He Zao Bao and the online magazine Zuu Online sharing her experience on how to invest safely as a female investor. 

Chloe has now established herself as a key opinion leader in the investing world & getting leads and followers have never been a problem ever since she attended the creators masterclass.

Glen first came to us as a very nervous and soft-spoken person, completely inexperienced in public speaking. However, Glen was more than willing to step out of his comfort zone.

Glen was one of our most memorable students. I vividly recall Glen's nerves getting the best of him. Midway through, he experienced a leg cramp and couldn't finish that presentation.

Nevertheless, he persisted and embraced the strategies taught in the creators' masterclass. Fast forward to today, Glen has become an accomplished investment trainer, earning invitations to speak at numerous local universities, mainstream media outlets, and investment conferences.

Since attending the creators masterclass, he has achieved remarkable financial stability.

Lu Sin
(Co-founder of The Senses Therapy)

"Before discovering Creators Masterclass, my career as a yoga instructor was limited to offering one-on-one private yoga sessions at a rate of $60 per hour. My income was unstable. And my schedule was so hectic as I was often tied up with making home visits at my students’ places for private lessons.

 I just knew I had to find a better solution. 

When I first heard about Creators Masterclass, I initially thought it was just another typical course that would teach me how to put my recorded yoga courses online for passive income. Little did I know that it would completely transform my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Thanks to the unwavering support of my dedicated mentors, I was able to transform my business into something amazing. They guided me in implementing a highly effective sales funnel to provide a targeted solution with my new Ishiki Energy branding. This is all about helping busy adults to triple their daily Energy Level, with 3-15min practical techniques that eventually awakens each individual magnetic vibe to attract opportunities and abundance in life.

And this did wonders! 

Creators Masterclass also covered vital aspects like the art of closing high-ticket clients, strategic pricing and packaging, and so much more.

And hey - you won’t believe the results! Within just one year, my business experienced an incredible eightfold increase in revenue. And I was able to break the revenue ceiling from 5-figures to 6-figures a year.

Creators Masterclass has been nothing short of life-changing!"

Ee Yjourn
(Investing Coach)

"I used to work as a project manager for an MNC company, but I always yearned to create my own legacy. So, I took a leap and left the MNC company to start my own seafood importing business. I’ve been trading for the past 9 years, but the idea of teaching never crossed my mind.

That is, until I joined the Creators Masterclass. I decided to join the class with an open mind, actively seeking ideas to launch a new business and generate an additional source of income - one that wouldn’t require a high capital. 

The mentors from the Creators Masterclass had years of valuable experience, and they were so generous in sharing their knowledge. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to avoid making the same mistakes they had made in the past. I've also overcome stage fright and now I’m able to confidently deliver my message to my audience. 

Today, I educate the public on market manipulation by "bigger players" to help them identify and avoid unnecessary losses, ensuring steady portfolio growth. Just from a single class, I can generate a solid 5-figure income, and it's truly awesome to have this as an additional income stream.

But what’s even more amazing is that trading and investing bring me immense joy, and now I feel like I don't have to "work" a single day because I genuinely enjoy what I do. Sharing my knowledge with others and witnessing their portfolios grow makes me really happy. And that's what keeps me motivated about what I do!" 

Hurry and sign up for this Creators Masterclass!

Registrations for the Masterclass will close once I hit my target of number of students.

This is because I want to focus on helping this community of creators to develop further...instead of accepting new students.

Join this time-sensitive Creators Masterclass and be part of this community before it grows too large!

There's only a limited amount of creators that we can help.

Here Are Some Common Questions You Might Have:

Q: I cannot make it on the dates provided. Is there another date I can sign up for?

Do choose the option “Inform Me On The Next Masterclass” and we will send you an email to inform you when we open up another time slot.

Q: Why are you running this masterclass for free?

A: As I train you, I am also looking for partners to do profit sharing on their courses with me. That's why I'm conducting this course which is a win-win situation for both parties as I can continue to teach you in your journey to build world class business and become financially independent.

Q: Is this proven to work? I’ve seen other masterclasses like this…

A: I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs and have delivered massive results for them. Their lives have changed in a very short time…if i were to list them out one by one, this page would be very very long!

Sign up now to get our exact 8 figure business blueprint. We will only be giving this out for free for a limited period of time.

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